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 K L B C

> >mu'tlheghmeywIj yIchov.
> mu'tlheghvetlh yIbuSQo'!
> mu'tlheghvam vIghItlh vIneH:
> <<mu'tlheghmeywIj tIchov 'e' vItlhob>>

Actually, your first sentence was better (just my opinion), except for the
wrong prefix:
  mu'tlheghmeywIj tIchov

when you say that you request someone to do something, the prefix must not
be an imperative prefix anymore:
  mu'tlheghmeywIj Dachov 'e' vItlhob
  "I request that you evaluate my sentences"

Beginners' Grammarian
  ghojwI'pu'wI' vISaH

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