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Re: "What is KGT?"

thanks for the head-up on that.  This is on my list of new books for 2003!
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  Subject: Re: "What is KGT?"

  Larry Tolson wrote:

  > > Additional Notes:
  > > KGT p. 47.  Any specific "battle" is {may'}, but the concept of battle is
  > > {vIq}, often translated as "battle."
  >what is KGT?  I have the Klingon Dictionary and the two audio tapes from 
  >Okrand...and I'm quite new to this serious study of the language, so bear 
  >with me please...

  Welcome to the list, Larry.

   From the tlhIngan-Hol FAQ ( ):

      1.3.8  Klingon for the Galactic Traveler (c.1997)
        The newest book from Marc Okrand.  This book contains detailed 
  information on
      Klingon dialects, history, and variation.  It also contains an updated 
      to TKD, which makes this book a true necessity for any Klingonist.
      ISBN: 0-671-00995-8

  If your local bookstore doesn't have a copy or can't special order it for 
  you, you can buy from the KLI (Klingon Language Institute) by going to 
  their Merchant Page ( /stuff/Merchant.html ).  Here's 
  their blurb:

     Klingon for the Galactic Traveler: $12
       The newest book by Marc Okrand (ISBN: 0-671-00995-8) is described as the
     essential Klingon language reference for galactic travelers. A necessary
     addition to any Klingonist's collection, it contains many new words as well
     as detailed discussions of Klingon slang, regionalisms, and specialized
     vocabulary. (c.1997)

  Voragh                            "Damage control is easy. Reading 
  Ca'Non Master of the Klingons      hard!"         (Montgomery Scott to 
  Kirk, STIV)

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