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Re: Re: Affixes/KLI Affiliates

ghItlh DloraH
>> I'm curious - are there going to be new Pre/Suffixes? I'd think it
>> would be helpful to have more, because one can already say so much
>> using them, yet there are things not expressable via affixes.
>We do not know what is in Okrand's head.
Well, of course not - but I thought maybe something has been mentioned.

>> Another thing: is it me or are the (last two) links(TFM) on the
>> affiliates page not working? I always get redirected to the main
>Well, first, the "last" link on the page is the KLI emblem which does
take you
>back to the main page.

JIQIpchu'qu'. (No other way to say it - I should have been more

>Franklin Mint: The Official STAR TREK: The Next GenerationÖ KlingonÖ
>Pistol. - "Due to an error, the page you requested could not be
That s what I get too

>Franklin Mint: Official STAR TREKÖ: Klingon Bird of PreyÖ Collector's
>Watch. - works correctly.
It leads me to the homepage - but not the watch - I wanted to know what
it looked like.

>> One more question just entered my mind: where's the difference
>> "batlh" and "-neS"? They both imply honor, although "-neS" is often
>> translated as "your honour"(that's merely a description, isn't it?).
>-neS is more of a sign of politeness, showing respect to a superior.

This, and the following replies helped me greatly.


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