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Re: verbs + -moH?

>ghel tulwI':
>>>>  >> quv'eghmoH quvmoHbe'lu',
>>>>>  doesn't this have to be "quvmoH'egh"? :)
>jang DloraH:
>>>>-'egh is a type 1, -moH is a type 4.
>>>Funny he should ask. Okrand discussed this very verb on st.klingon (11/97):
>>>   Maltz reports having heard both {quv'eghmoH} "he/she honors him/herself",
>>>   which follows the expected order (verb-Type 1-Type 4: {quv} "be honored",
>>>   {-'egh} "oneself", {-moH} "cause") as well as the weird {quvmoH'egh}
>>>   "he/she honors him/herself", in which the Type 1 suffix {-'egh} "oneself"
>>>   follows the Type 4 suffix {-moH} "cause", an impossible formation unless
>>>   the speaker is considering the verb to be {quvmoH} "honor" and not {quv}
>>>   "be honored".  [....]
>>thank you, Voragh. i really thought of "quvmoH" as one entity, that 
>>would have to be followed by "-'egh". i thought this way because 
>>"quv'egh" wouldn't have sence, as "quv" isn't transitive.
>Because they are separate entries in the TKD and KGT glossaries, 
>others have thought the same thing.  They are not separate verbs, 
>but rather verb + suffix.  When adding another suffix,  they must 
>appear in the correct order.  Okrand only listed them separately to 
>make the words easier to look up for non-specialist Star Trek fans 
>(the primary audience for TKD after all).
>Here's Okrand's entire post, which explains this in more detail:

thank you very much, this was very interesting.

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