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grammer check

I can't figure out which of these is correct.

1. je puqpu'ma', be'nalpu'ma' je, rojma', je tlhab, lalDanma', Qunma' qawghach

or 2. qawghach Qunma', lalDanma', je tlhab, rojma', je be'nalpu'ma', je puqpu'ma'

and comments from those two will probably shed light on this other sentance: (note " nevI' " is being used as a name)

jIH, nevI', bogh QaQ vav je' SoS, ghIq mughojmoHta' loQ Sovna'Daj; 'ej leghta' law' Sengmey Ser jIjajmey, 'ab, maS'a'ghach joH jIjajmey; ghaj Sov'a' QaQ je' peghmey Qun, ghIq jIchenmaH ta' qonmey jIjajmey.

(please respond in Federation Standard, thank you)


nuqDaq yuch Dapol?
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