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Re: Hol DIb

ja' Quvar:
>*Internet*Daq tlhIngan mu'ghom vIlanchugh, TKD vIcha'chugh vaj jIHeS, qar'a'?

bIHeSlaw'.  TKD mu'mey Damuchchugh, bIHeS.  TKD naQ Dacha'chugh, bIHeSbej.

>'a Hol lo'meHlu' 'oH vIDelchugh neH, vaj jIHeSHa''a'?

bIHeSbe' 'e' vIHar jIH.  Qochlaw' Viacom, 'ach muj Viacom 'e' vIQub.

Languages themselves cannot be copyrighted, and descriptions of grammar are
probably okay as long as you don't just copy TKD, but what about lists of
vocabulary?  There are arguments, perhaps even valid ones, on both sides of
the issue.

I fear that Viacom is unlikely to be friendly to anything unauthorized
which appears to compete with TKD.  The story is that a pronouncement from
Viacom's legal staff made the claim that anything written using Klingon is
a "derivative work" of The Klingon Dictionary, and is thus covered by TKD's
copyright.  I'm absolutely convinced that such a claim is without merit,
but *I* don't have the funding to endure a court battle.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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