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Re: KBLC: tlhingan <limerick>

> SuvwI'qoq mIStaq
> Qo'noSDaq mIStaq tu'lu'.
> reH quv'egh 'ach quvbe'lu',

/quv/ is intransitive "be honored".
You need to add -moH.
I know that doing so will change the syllable count; perhaps you can drop the 
reH and 'ach.
quv'eghmoH, quvmoHbe'lu',

> toH SuS'a' Suvlaw',

/toH/ is an exclamation.  Did you want /vaj/?
vaj SuS'a' Suvlaw',

> 'ach SuS'a' Heghlaw'.

"But he apparently dies wind." ?
Perhaps a -mo' on SuS.
SuS'a'mo' Heghlaw'.

> DaH Qo'noSDaq tu'be'lu'!

DloraH, BG

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