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Re: adverbials

>jatlh tulwI'
>>  would like to describe the language without using terms like "type
>>  four", "type five", but with terms like "noun-phrase-wrapper", which
>>  are more plastic, don't you think?
>mojaq DaDelmeH mI' Dalo' DaneHbe'chugh,
>'ej pong Dalo' DaneHchugh, *TKD*Daq pong'e'
>lo'bogh *Okrand* Dalo'qang'a'?
>mojaq vaghvaD "Syntactic markers" pong *Okrand*.
>pong Dapar'a'?

vIpar'a'? vISuvbe'.

type 5 -> sytactic markers.

qay'be'. latlh mojaqmeyvaD nuq pong chaH? DaH *tkd* vIghajbe'. :(

>(PS: *Subject:*Daq chenbogh *AW:* vIchenHa'moHnIS
>'e' vIqawnIS. pIj vIlIjpu'. vaj ghIHchoH *Subject:*.
>DopDaq qul yIchenmoH, QobDI' ghu'.)

nuqjatlh? sorry.


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