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Re: Maldives

> >muD Duj vI'ormeH jI'ovrup 'e' luSov qep'a' jeSwI'pu'.  Do'Ha' wej 
> >'ovmeH 'eb vItIv.  murI'qa'be' 'orwI' pIn, vaj vIrI' jIH.  jatlh 
> ><choH ghu'.  DaH 'orwI'pu' vIpoQbe'>.
> >
> >Do'Ha'.
> >
> >jI'ovchugh jIQaplaH.
> sorry... what means /'or/?

/'or/ is the verb "pilot".  She pilots a plane.

This is a new word, revealed to us in the most recent HolQeD, along with other 
words having to do with flying.

DloraH, BG

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