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lab jIqel a.k.a. Lt. Cdr. Sarah Barrows:

>>ngeQDI' wa', bejmeH QItchoH Hoch.  <Qo'!> DujwIjDaq

>can we use "QIt" as a verb?

No, you're absolutely right.  I fixed this on my own copy
after the fact.  You can't put a suffix on an adverbial.  It
should be <...QIt Hoch.>.  reH Suvrup SuvwI'pu'.  Or
something like that.  :)

>>vaj jIloS.  'ej jIloS.  nI' poH jIloStaH.  tagha'

>don't we have to say /poH nI' jIloStaH/?

Don't know about that one.  I've more or less memorized <nI'
poH> as "(for a) long time", but that doesn't mean I'm
right.  Hey, SuStel, what's your expert opinion?  {;-b


jIqel Dogh

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