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Re: KLBC: DIp-mojaq5 + DIp

> mub'a' DIpmeyvam?
>     ?SoHvaD nob
>      [a gift for you]
>     ?bIQtIqDaq Hegh
>      [death on the river]
>     ?ghe''orvo' leng
>     [a journey from hell]
> Hat 'e' vIHar 'ach meq vIngu'laHbe'. HIboQ!
> [Are these wrong? Why?]


The rule you're looking for is in section 3.4, page 30 or 31.
  When the noun-noun construction is used, only the second
noun can take syntactic suffixes (Type 5). Both nouns,
however, may take suffixes of the other four types.

DloraH, BG

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