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qepHom registration NOW


Summary for for the reading-lazy:
   - date: 29.11-01.12 
   - registration deadline: 15.09. to Lieven
   - indicate be'/loD

 * * * * D A T E * * * *

As some people might know already, I am organizing a qepHom in Saarbrücken, South-West Germany (close 
to Luxemburg). Now, the date is set for the last weekend of november. 
The qepHom starts on Friday noon, november 29th and stops on Sunday, december 1st. 2002.

 * * * * L O C A T I O N * * * *

The site of the event is a youth hostel in Saarbrücken

Room rates are the following:
Euro 16,10 / Bed&Breakfast
Euro 21,70 / half board
Euro 24,70 / full board
---> I think we should all take full board. For that price we get food three times a day and don't 
waste time.

Room raates are per person per night and include the indicated food and also the bedclothes. There are 
rooms for 2 and 4 people, with shower and toilet. The conference room will be for free if we are more 
than ten people (which we certainly are). Payment will be done individually at the hostel.

 * * * * R E G I S T R A T I O N * * * *

The youth hostel has given us a deadline to register the rooms. We should all have registred before 
september 15th (one month from now). (sidenote from me: I'm sure you can still attend when you register 
later, but then there is no guarantee for a free room anymore.)

When you register, please indicate how many male and female will be attending. Since it's a youth 
hostel, they like to organize that alittle, but it's no problem if people like to be in a "mixed" room.

So, before september 15th tell me if you're coming, this time DEFINITELY.

Quvar valer
Lieven L. Litaer

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