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Re: qepHom and New Zealend

> >I cannot unfortunately attend qep'a' or a qepHom because I live in New
> >Zealand.

> bImeqHa'.  qepHom DaSuchmeH, ngeDqu' Qu':  qepHom yIcher SoH!
> On the contrary, it would be very easy for you to attend a qepHom in New
> Zealand.  All you need to do is host one!  There are definitely people in
> your area who would be interested.  Your job is to find them.  See

Definitely on my list of things to do...But I am currently stage managing 3
concurrent shows, organising another club (Cashflow board game), and
teaching drama/stage techniques class, (oh, and building a business, doing
day classes for truck license, and working nights as lighting
technician...), but as soon as I have taken care of some of these, I will
get stuck in to organising a qepHom.....


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