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Cartman bolegh 

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From: DloraH [] 
Sent: Monday, 5 August 2002 11:53 AM
Subject: RE: KLBG

> I've got a poster of cartman (from southpark) that says
>    "you will respect my authoritahh"
> { ngupwIj pevuvchoHtaH }
> you will start to and continue to respect my authority

Be aware that ngup is "authority" only when used as slang... and being

The real word for authority is woQ.

pevuvchoHtaH, I read this as your telling them to continuously change
into a
state of respecting.  Altho technically it could read as changing to
continuously respecting, and the suffix types forces the -choH to come
first.  But I agree with what taD wrote, leaving off both suffixes.

The prefix pe-, the imparitive for "you" (plural), but with no object.
sentence has an object, so it gets the prefix yI-.

woQwIj yIvuv.

I don't know how this is used; but it doesn't have to be a command.  Is
making a statement which is apparently proclaiming future actions?

woQwIj bovuv - "You will respect my authority."
woQwIj bovuvbej - "You will certainly respect my authority."
(in a threatening/wishful manner)

DloraH, BG

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