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Re: jabbI'IDwIj Qav

 No goodbye, only good memories.

Sogh K'Elva daughter of B'Tana from the house Qul

> Do'Ha' KLI ja'chuqbogh ghomvo' vIghoSnIS.
> DaH tlhoy jabbI'IDmey vIHev. 'e' chawbe' jabbI'IDmey
> HevwI'wIj. 
> Sovqu'taHghachmo' tunobbogh DaH tlhIngan Hol
> vIghojtaH 'e' vItIvqu'. 'ach 
> DaH SaghoSnIS, 'ej mu'IQmoH. pIj QIplaw'pu'
> jabbI'IDmeywIj, 'ach reH 
> jIghojqangtaH.
> waQ Satlhejqa'law'; nem Satlhejqa'law'. jISovbejbe'.
> 'ach reH Saqawqu'. reH 
> pe'vIl tlhIngan Hol Sujatlhjaj.
> I salute you all.
> Unfortunately, the time has come for me to leave the
> KLI list. I am now 
> receiving too many messages, and my server isn't
> letting them through 
> anymore.
> Because of the knowledge that you have given me, I
> now enjoy learning 
> Klingon. But now I must leave you all, and that
> saddens me. Often my 
> messages may have seemed stupid, but I am always
> willing to continue 
> learning.
> Months from now, I may rejoin you; years from now, I
> may rejoin you; I don't 
> know for certain.
> But I will always remember you. May you always speak
> Klingon forcefully.
> Qapla' 'ej Satlho'qu'
> ro'Han
> "This kingdom thou shalt not take for thine own,
> wrongfully; for many others 
> have laboured here no less than thou." - John Ronald
> Reuel Tolkien, The 
> Ainulindale Silmarillion

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