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Daj Hol <gender>. <gender> <culture> je yIqel. wej <gender> ghaj DIvI' Hol 
tlhIngan Hol je 'ach pImchu' <gender>meyvam.

DIvI' Hol yIqel. wa' DoS ghajba' DIvI' Hol <gender>. wa' DIp yIwIv; jISaHbe'. 
DIpvam vIgnaghlaH'a'? mujang <gender>. <advertising> QIjchu' ngoDvam. reH 
ngaghlaw'taH Humanpu'. wejpuH.

DaH tlhIngan Hol yIqel. DoS pIm ghaj <gender>. wa' DIp yIwIv; jISaHbe'. 
QumlaH'a' DIpvam jIH je? rIQlaH DIpvam? jaghpu'ma' DIjeghlaHmeH maQumnIS 
jupwI'pu' jIH je. jaghpu'ma' DIqaDmeH maQumnIS jaghpu'ma' maH je. jaghma' 
DIjeghmeH jaghpu' 'ay'Du' DIrIQnISmoH. jaghpu'ma' DIjeghmeH potlhqu' <gender>.

reH nga'chuq <rabbit>mey. SopmeH <rabbit>mey poQ <wolf>mey. 
nga'be'chuqchoHchugh <rabbit>mey, Do'Ha' <wolf>mey.

Dal pagh jagh net Sov. reH nga'chuqmo' Humanpu', buy' tlhIngan ngop!


> ghItlh Sengval:
> :For "chat"/"chatte", the genders of the words are
> :predictable by logic _and_ by the sounds of the words,
> :which is generally not true in French.  I wonder if
> :there are many languages where the word classes always
> :behave this way. Perhaps Swahili?  Does anyone know?
> Poland Hol yIqel. <masculine> <feminine> <neuter> ghap 'oH Hoch Holvam 
> DIp'e'.
> masculine: "las"  (ngem)
> feminine:  "woda" (bIQ)
> neuter:    "pole" (yotlh)
> Depmey nuvpu' je 'oSchugh DIp, 'ay'Hom "-ka"mo'  motlh ngeD DIp "gender" 
> loymeH Qu'.
> tIqel:
> kot        (loD vIghro')      kotka         (be' vIghro')
> pisarz     (loD qonwI')       pisarka       (be' qonwI')
> barman     (loD chom)         barmanka      (be' chom)
> kucharz    (loD vutwI')       kucharka      (be' vutwI')
> opiekun    (loD QorghwI')     opiekunka     (be' QorghwI')
> nauczyciel (loD ghojmoHwI')   nauczycielka  (be' ghojmoHwI')
> 'ISqu'
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