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RE: [KLBC] - translation

> I will fight for my empire, you fight for your empire(sarcastic), we will
> see who wins.
> This is what I came up with:
> wo'qaqlIjvaD jISuv. wo'HomqaqlIjvaD bIsuv. yay chav Iv? 'e' maleghjaj.

What is qaq?

In the first sentence you used -lIj.  I believe you intended -wIj.
wo'wIjvaD jISuv - I will fight for my empire.

-Hom is not necessarily a derogatory remark.  That's what -qoq is for.

wo'lIjvaD bISuv - You will fight for your empire.
wo'qoqlIjvaD bISuv - You will fight for your so-called empire.

The last sentence... uh-oh, here we go...
It looks like you already know that 'e' refers to the previous sentence.
Your previous sentence is a question; creating a QAO (Question As Object).
You're trying to use 'e' to refer to the answer to the question; 'e' refers
to the question itself.  Or rather this is what many people believe.  Some
people think this is OK, some don't.  Blood has been spilled over this one.

(I will continue with this sentence after I answer the other questions...)

> ... yaywI malegh, but I didn't know if yay could be used as a verb
> TKD lists it as a noun,

It is listed only as a noun.  We can not use nouns as verbs or verbs as
nouns.  (Sometimes there are verbs and nouns that sound the same.)

> is there a verb for win??

Qap.  In TKD it is "work, function, succeed".  In KGT it is extended to
"win".  (and also "operate, be in operation")

Qapbogh nuv wItu' - we will see the person which wins.
Qapbogh wo' wItu' - we will see which empire wins.
But if one wins the other will probably be dead, so the pronoun wouldn't be

Qap wa' neH - only one will win.
A little more klingon feel.

DloraH, BG

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