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RE: worlds apart pt1

> I just started to read this book and I have a few questions on
> some of the tlhlingan-Hol . Kuve is supposed to mean slave or
> servitor But I have noticed that servant is a different word
> according to the TKD do not the two words mean the same thing . I
> also noticed the word tharavul what is that as it was refered to
> in context with Vulcans.

Kuve and tharavul were created by John Ford.  John Ford created several
words before TKD ever came out, but he never created a language, just words
and a couple phrases.  Most of the words were nouns and were simply plugged
into english sentences.  Many refer to Ford's version of the language as

In tlhIngan Hol, the stuff from Okrand, "servant" is /toy'wI'/ (TKD), and
"slave" is /toy'wI''a'/ (TKD addendum).

The word that sounds like kuve is ironicly /quv/ "honor".

Two different languages.

> I also have another question...How long
> did it take some of you to learn to write comfortably in
> tlhlingan-Hol...

I'm still not comfortable, especially when I'm with the other grammarians.
But I guess I would say about three years.

> and when you started where you the only on around
> in your area to do so.

I thought I was the only one that spoke klingon (I thought I spoke klingon).
Except for a few people I know, I thought I was the only klingon nut.  Then
I got on the internet, went to Yahoo, typed in "klingon".  I was no longer
alone.  Several hours later I came across the KLI (which I never heard of)
and I've been here ever since... and have a book published.

DloraH, BG

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