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Alphabet/ new(old) klingon

From: (Christoph PICHLMANN):

>>>On a side note: Is there any explanation why the klingons look
>>>different in the older(production time series?...
>>We don't discuss this with outsiders.
>Yes, I remember that line. But this was a serious question - was this
>episode main-stream or not?

all episodes are mainstream - after all, the series IS the the show, so to 
speak; as Star Trek is, was, and ever will be, primarily a TV show, the 
episodes will be the "mainstream" (which in some cases is unfortuante).

When this "Why do Klingons look different now" argument turned up here a few 
years ago, i had an idea that i did not voice: i like to think that perhaps 
as Dr Crusher seemed to like tossing cosmetic surgery around as a form of 
disguise, maybe the Klingons did as well, as a sort of xenophobic exercise 
forbidding outsiders to see their true appearance (not that this is a 
typically Klingon attitude); the theory being here that not all Klingons 
looked like the 'old' Kor, Koloth, etc - just the ones that were seen by 

Of course, Gene Roddenberry (or it could have been Mike Okuda) once said in 
an interview that the 'real' reason is that the SFX weren't advanced enough 
in the 60's to make the Klingons look like they do now, and that you can 
just /imagine/ when you watch TOS episodes that the Klingon appearance HAS 
always been as it is now.  :P


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