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John and I go...

I'm in a puzzlement over something.  In several languages that I'm familiar 
with which are rather like Klingon in their use of subject prefixes and 
relative non-use of pronouns, the way one says "John and I go..." is what 
I'd literally translate into Klingon as "majaH John" -- namely, an overt 
subject of just "John", and then a "we" prefix on the verb.

In those languages, you /could/ express it as "John, and I, we-go", but 
this is not the normal way of saying it -- that way gives a "contrastive" 
reading; i.e., it means "John and /I/ go..." (implication: /I/! not you! 
not her! not them! etc.).

So, what's the normal way of saying "John and I go..." in Klingon?
Sean M. Burke

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