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KLBC: bogh Ha'DIbaHmey

Sajmey ngevwI'vaD jIvum.  Ha'DIbaHmey vIje' 'ej ropwI'mey vIQorgh.

qen "rat" vImobmoH yatlhmo'.  rut chop "rat"mey, 'ach qu'Ha' "rat"vam.  
'oHvaD *maya vIpongchoH.  qaStaHvIS jaj puS, jIbejtaHvIS pI'choHlI' maya, 'ej 
Hoch jajmey vIQorgh.

SochHu' bogh ghumeyDaj, 'ej pa' jIH.  not wanI'vam vIleghpu' -- Human, 
Ha'DIbaH joq.  Dun 'oH.  Hut ghu boghmoH maya!  motlh jav ghu neH boghmoH 

SoS QaQ 'oH maya.  jIbejtaHvIS puqDaj QanmeH tlhoy' chenmoH.  Hoch poQbogh, 

motlh ghu vISaHbe', 'ach muDuQ wanI'vam.  rut puqpu'Daj ghong Humanpu'.  'ach 
nap Ha'DIbaHvam 'ej watlh -- ghuDaj QorghnIS 'e' Sov neH.


I work at a pet shop.  I feed the animals and care for those that are sick.

Recently I isolated a rat because she was pregnant.  Rats often bite, but 
this rat was tame.  I named her Maia.  Over several days, I watched her grow 
fat, and each day I cared for her.

Seven days ago, her babies were born, and I was there.  I had never seen a 
birth before -- human or animal.  It was amazing.  Maia had nine babies!  A 
rat usually has only six.

Maia is a good mother.  As I watched, she built a wall to protect her 
children.  All that they need, she gives them.

I typically don't care much about babies, but this moved me.  Humans 
sometimes abuse their children.  But this animal is simple and pure -- she 
only knows she must care for her young.


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