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Re: to' nech, 051-061

> > > > K: yItammoHpu' 'ej yIruchqa'!
> > > > Gloss: Silence it, and proceed!
> >
> > How can you command someone to have completed something? I think {-pu'}
> > breaks your sentence.
> If there was a time-stamp set in the future it would work.  I agree it
> work here.

I don't see why you CAN'T command someone to have completed something.  I
don't think the time context is relevant.  It's awkward in English, but
seems to make perfect sense in Klingon.

I once came up with this phrase:

Grow up already!

Admittedly, this is colloquial English, but it's pretty common usage.
"Please be finished!"  "Get lost!"

I also agree that /-pu'/ doesn't belong on this sentence, but only because
it's not really meant here.  /yItammoH/ "Silence it!" "Cause it to be
silent!" is what is meant, not "Cause it to have been silent!" or "Be
finished causing it to be silent!"

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