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Re: Alphabet/ new(old) klingon

(quotations from DloraH)

>It isn't a new alphabet/language.  It's the same nonsense as from the
>other series.  Sometimes the writers do open TKD and pull out a word
>or two; but we would be shocked if any of them actually read the
>grammar part of TKD.  Most of the writers don't bother with TKD at
>all.  They feel they are better than that, they don't need help with
>their work, and so they make up words.  This is what we refer to
>as /par Hol/ (short for Paramount Hol)

Great. So I guess that's another fine example of how much producers
(not only movie) care for their customers(in klingon: pagh).
How are chances that it becomes a language? Not that I would want it to,
but I'm simply curious.

How is the integration of that part of Star Trek then? Are there any
"work-arounds" to allow it to exist in the main-stream, or has it to be
considered as "alternate"?

You know, it's situations like that that give Science Fiction a bad
taste. It looks too much like junk by actions like that.

>> On a side note: Is there any explanation why the klingons look
>> different in the older(production time series?...
>We don't discuss this with outsiders.

Yes, I remember that line. But this was a serious question - was this
episode main-stream or not?


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