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Alphabet/ new(old) klingon

In the last two issues of HolQeD, more specifically in "Closed Captions"
were transcripts of the newest Star Trek series - Enterprise. Of course
only the klingon part :-)
Anyway, this "klingon" surely isn't the same klingon that is upheld by
the KLI. What is it then? It seems to make use of a totally different
alphabet - letters like "x" and such.

So, the actual klingon alphabet consists of
"a b ch D e gh H I j l m n ng o p q Q r S t tlh u v w y ' " right? Are
there any additions in development or planed? If not, how is this
"new klingon" going to fit in?
Is it a language at all?
Who made it, if so?

On a side note: Is there any explanation why the klingons look different
in the older(production time series? After all, it seems as if they
admitted the fact during that DS9/TOS "crossover" with the tribbles...


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