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RE: "indefinite subject" and "passive voice"

>From: []
>Qorwagh ghorlu'bejpu'. ghorlaw' Qanqor. Wanna make something of it? 
>It's MY opinion, so I'm SAYIN' it! None of this namby-pampby {'e' 
>vIHar} stuff.

I'm not sure that I agree the use of the language should be so
restrictive.  Let's not get too caught up in the "warriorness" of the
language.  However I do have to admit that I prefer your suggestion both
for the purpose of my example and for general use.  qathlo'.

>Of course, in a murder mystery, the snitch would say {HoD chot...} and
>then a disruptor beam would flash from the shadows, vaporizing the 
>snitch, leaving our hero with only the sound of footsteps sprinting off
>into the distance and echoes of maniacal laughter down the hallway.



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