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May they (not) be oblique

maq Oxford English Dictionary:


1. indirect
   (?HuvHa' = be not clear, be obstructed)

2. sloping, slanting,
   any angle that is not a right angle
   {?taH = be at a negative angle)

3. unethical
   {?Hat = be illegal)

Sean jabbI'IDDmeymo' ghoH labwI'pu' law'.
(Do'Ha' joptaHvIS 'ej way'taHvIS motlh DIvI' Hol lulo'.) t
o'mey qeltaHvIS nuq lumaqlaw'?

    Huvjaj pagh HuvHa'jaj
    taHjaj pagh taHbe'jaj
    Hatjaj pagh Hatbe'jaj



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