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Re: to' nech

jatlh Sean M. Burke:
>At 23:14 2002-04-11 -0500, Alan Anderson wrote:
>>Be warned:  if artistic interpretation is your explicit goal, you're
>>probably going to find your posts virtually ignored by many of the people
>>here who would otherwise be glad to comment on more straightforward
>We'll manage without those who think that translation and art should not 

"artist" 'oH mughwI''e'.  tem'a' vay'?  'ach batlh DIjmeH, rItlhmeylIj 

This particular translation/restoration project strikes me as akin to 
translating James Joyce into Chinese, which has been done, but it requires a 
_deep_ knowledge of both languages.  Eno and Schmidt, like Joyce, feel 
comfortable enough in their language to play with it.  That requires fluency. 
 If you're not fluent in what is normal speech in Klingon, how can you even 
guess what would be a good Joyce-like way to play around with it?

bISuvtaH, 'ach DuHIvpu' pagh.  Dojbe' "sarcasm".  puj DIvI' Hol 'e' 
DaHarchugh, tlhIngan Hol yIlo'.  bIpo' 'e' juleghmoH.


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