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RE: to' nech

From: "Sean M. Burke" <>:

>The To'nech: The Lateral Tactics.
>The restored Klingon Edition.
>Public draft 1.0

batlh bIvumbejta'.


>K: Hal latlh yIyu', lI'mo' pagh lI'be'mo'.
>Gloss: Interrogate another source; because this is useful, or not.
>Eno/Schmidt: Consult other sources -promising -unpromising

Since <latlh> is a noun, not a verb, I believe it should come before <Hal>:

<latlh Hal>



>Sean M. Burke wrote:
>>K: QIt yIqeqlI', 'ej nom yIHoH!
>>Gloss: Prepare slowly, then execute him quickly!
>>Eno/Schmidt: Slow preparation, fast execution

>I believe Eno and Schmidt meant "fast execution" in the sense of doing 
>something (anything) quickly, not in the sense of killing someone quickly.
>Of course, {HoH} could be used for this meaning in a metaphorical sense.

I like the broad implications <HoH> may have but if you
want a more literal version you could consider using <muH>
"execute, put to death" or <vang> "act, take action".

QIt yIqeq, nom yImuH!
QIt yIqeq, nom yIvang!

Also, I'm a little uncertain about using the suffix {-lI'}
on <yIqeq>. I still have a lot to learn.

>K: nejlu'pu', Samlu'pu'.
>Gloss: Sought and found.
>Eno/Schmidt: Once the search has begun, something will be found

{nejlu'pu', Samlu'pu'}
Someone had/has/will have searched/looked for him/her/it,
someone had/has/will have located him/her/it.

Perhaps your version is fine (it's symmetry is certainly appealing)
but you might consider using <vay'>.

{vay' nejchoHlu'DI', vay' Samlu'}
As soon as one starts looking for something, something will be found.

I'm not sure if <nej> can be used intransitively to mean "seek, search in 
general". Maybe it always requires an object.


>K: ghorghvaD 'oH?
>Gloss: When is it for?
>Eno/Schmidt: When is it for?

<ghorgh> is not a noun and cannot take noun suffixes.
My suggestion:

ghorgh Dalo'nIS?
When do you need to use it?

ghorgh lo'lu'nIS?
When does one need to use it?

ghorgh DapoQnIS?
When do you/will you require it?

ghorgh poQlu'nIS?
When does one/will one require it?


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