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to' nech, 000: Introduction

The To'nech: The Lateral Tactics.
The restored Klingon Edition.
Public draft 1.0


Any student of Klingon literature of the Platinum Age is, of course, 
familiar with the To'nech {to' nech}, or /Lateral Tactics/.  In fact, there 
have been so many versions and reorderings and commentaries of it over the 
years, that the reader must wonder what more can be done. But know that the 
present edition is unique in several respects:

Firstly, this is the first edition that is based on the oldest extant copy 
of the To'nech, found at the MaQvungDoy excavation.  Therefore, this is 
clearly the authoritative edition.  This is in spite of the fact that some 
of the MaQvungDoy To'nech inscriptions were greatly corroded, such that 
they were quite difficult to read.

Secondly, this is the first edition to include a complete translation into 
Federation Standard, accompanying the Klingon original.  This should prove 
useful to readers in the many worlds currently under the heel of the 
Federation, where they are still compelled to favor learning Federation 
rather than Klingon.  Until now, those readers have had to tolerate the 
confused monolingual Standard edition, called /Oblique Strategies/, 
erroneously attributed to the medieval Terrans, Eno and Schmit.  The 
current edition contains the /Oblique Strategies/ text for each entry 
({Dup}), as it is occasionally of historical interest.

We hope that this edition will introduce many readers to the bold will of 
the To'nech's author, Ingor {'engghor}, the tactician whose strategies 
enabled Ruk'evet ({ruq'e'vet}) to destroy their every adversary.  While 
reliable legend tells little about Ingor besides her authorship of the 
To'nech and its use to Ruk'evet, all who know the To'nech are sure that it 
perfectly reveals the author's great spirit: fiery, commanding, mocking, 
concise, and stern.  Most {Dup} are her commands, others are her questions, 
and some are her taunts.  May we be honed by them all!

         / qaDwI' Qung // ghevchoqDaq to' 'ampaS /
         [Proctor Kroong, Tactics Academy at Gevchok]

[translator: S. M. Burke]

Sean M. Burke

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