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Re: pIn'a'

'ISqu' wrote:

 > bIjangpa', mu' "philosopher" vImughmeH mu' {pIn'a'} vIlo' vIneH.

Dr Lawrence once wrote about {HolQeD}, the KLI's quarterly journal:

   "Actually, this IS canonical. It is a backfit that Marc Okrand was
    kind enough to provide (I think in an interview), casually acknowledging
    that of course this compound meant 'language science', or 'linguistics.'
    And, presumably it does open the door to 'geology' and 'mathematics' and
    many more."

We can now add {HuchQeD} "economics" ("money science") to this (cf. KGT 
148). On this model, you could probably say *{SovQeD} "knowledge science". 
But, if you're partial to {pIn'a'}, by all means use it.

 > jabbI'IDlIjmo' vuDmeyvam vIlajQo'.
 > chaq {ghobtej} vIlo'. "paghmo' tIn mIS" vIlaDtaHvIS mu'vam vItu'.

Hmm... an "ethicist", from {ghob} "ethics, virtue"? It depends on what you 
feel a Klingon philosopher does. You know, *{ghobQeD} and *{ghobtej} aren't 
bad, considering Klingon obsession with adhering to honor and a moral code. 
A philosopher might be someone who considers the best way to do that.

 > chaq {Sov tej} vIlo'. chaq {SovwI'} vIlo'. wej jIwuq.

Many on the list use {tej} "scientist" for the practitioner of a given 
{QeD}: e.g. *{Holtej} "linguist" ("language scientist"), suggesting 
*{Sovtej} "philosopher" however strange that may sound to humanists.

 > vuDmeyvam vIqelta':
 > ?Sov pIn'a' (=master of knowledge)
 > ?meq pIn'a' (=master of reason/logical thinking)
 > ?qech pIn'a' (=master of ideas).

Again, it all depends on just what you think a philosopher studies, doesn't 

Other words to consider include {nger} "theory", {De'} "data, information", 
{ngoD} "fact", {vuD} "opinion", {QeD} "science". Cf. also {leSSov} 
"foresight" for the practical side of philosophy.

Yet another option is {po'} "expert". Coincidentally, {pIn} is also slang 
term for "expert, authority" according to KGT.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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