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Re: pongmey mu'ghom

At 06:17 PM 9/12/99 -0600, you wrote:
>sorry for my english message, but i lack the mental power right now to
>deal with writing in tlhIngan Hol...really really tired from the weekend
>and got a cold from milady, so feeling pretty crappy...
>anywho: does anyone know of a website or something where i could
>find/download a name-book[ie that has a truckload of names and what they
>mean and everything]?

qatlh pongmeyvam DaneH?  ghu DapongnIS'a'?  paq Daj ghaj jupwI'.  "wa'SaD
wa' pongmey" 'oH paqvam pong'e'.  yatlhtaHvIS jupwI', reH paqvam laD.  De'
DaneHbogh ghajbej paqvam.


>thank you much if could help on that score...
>again, sorry for my english.
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