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Re: mangghom

Clayton Cardoso wrote:
> vay' Hu' QI' tay vIjeSnISpu', tujqu' muD!! 'ach vIjeSnISbe'qa'mo'
> jIQuchqu'. cha' juppu'wI' muvmoHpu' mangghom, 'ach batlhHa'
> jInarghlaHta'. rop DubwIj vIja', 'ach jInepta'. 'ach noH jeSchugh
> *Brasil*, 'ej Heghchugh Hoch mangpu', vaj Do'Ha' mang vImoj 'ej
> *Brasil*vaD jISuvnIS. not qaS 'e' vItul. vaj muwIvbe'mo', *Brasil*
> joqwI' vIquvmoHpu'. numeQtaHvIS Hov, *Brasil* bom mabompu'neS 'ej reH
> *Brasil*vaD wIHubneS 'e' wIja'. qaStaHvIS tay, wab lIngqu' jIl, tlhaQ.
> tay mevmoHpu'. wab nISnISta' bu'. yajbe'pu' qachvetlh joH. Haghpu'
> Hoch.
> QInHom vIlI' 'e' vInID, mulughmoHlaHchugh pabpo', jIQuch. HochvaD Qapla'!!
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I did need to participate in a military cerimony some days ago, in the
very hot weather !! But, I be very Happy, cause I again not need to
participate. The army recruited two of my friends, but I dishonourably
escaped. I told them of my bad back. But I lied. But if Brazil
participate in war, and if all soldiers Died, so unfortanatly I became a
soldier and I need to fight for Brazil. I hope that never happens.
because warrior not select me. I honour the Brazilian flag. While the
star is burning, we hounably sang the song of Brazil. and We always tell
that We honourably defend for Brazil. While this ritual happening, a
neighbor produced noise. (be funny). the ceremony stopped, The sargent
needed to distruput the noise. Lord that structure did not understand.
everyone laughed.

I try (?) that I transmit a small message.  If grammarian can again
correct me, I be happy. Sucsess for everyone.

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