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RE: KLBC: jImoj ghojwI'

jatlh Angela:

> tobwI' = (a mathematical proof)

I would be more likely to call the person writing the proof a <tobwI'> than
I would the actual document or the idea it represents, but that may just be
me. For the proof itself, I would probably use <tobmeH mIw> or something

> wa'Hu', jImoj ghojwI'.

bIghojchoH'a'? ghojwI' Damoj'a'?

Are you saying you became a student? If so, then this should be: <ghojwI'

> mI'mey vIgoj.


> wa'Hu', tobwI'mey DIHaD. 
> vIDal tobwI'mey.

The proofs were boring? I am glad you decided to qualify it by saying they
were boring for *you* (my degree is in mathematics), but the way you did it
does not quite work. <Dal> is a verb meaning "be boring", so the subject of
<Dal> has to be the thing which is boring, in this case the proof. It's in
the right place, but the <vI-> prefix on <Dal> means the subject must be
"I". Just plain <Dal tobwI'mey> means "Proofs are boring.". If you want to
say they are boring for you, just drop yourself into the sentence with the
suffix <-vaD>:

jIHvaD Dal tobwI'mey.

Beginners' Grammarian

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