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RE: KLBC: Quote

jatlh muchwI'maw':

> Hi,

> I'd like to use a quote from Kahless as my part of 
> my signature. The quote is this:

> may' QapmeH wo' Qaw'lu'chugh, vaj Qaplu'be'
> 'ej wo' toDmeh may' mevlu'chugh, vaj lujlu'be'

> And it should mean :
> "Destroying an empire to win a battle is not victory
> and ending a battle to save an empire is no defeat".

> Apparently I couldn't find a way to translate the "ing" 
> form so I used an impersonal subject... or sort of.

Wow. Not too bad. You had a little typo (the <H> in <toDmeH>), but otherwise
it is pretty good. You can find this very quote in The Klingon Way (page
212), and the grammar you have almost exactly parallels the the version in
TKW. Some of the vocabulary choices are a bit different, though:

noH QapmeH wo' Qaw'lu'chugh yay chavbe'lu' 'ej wo' choqmeH may' DoHlu'chugh

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