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Re: Aspect (was RE: KLBC-Fr.)

In a message dated 8/24/1999 11:37:07 PM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

<< I don't know what "imperfective" is in the context of the Klingon language.
 I would merely say that an action that is not completed is not perfective.
 Bringing in an extra-TKD term seems likely to cause more confusion than it
 can clear up. >>

Aspect has two states:  perfective and imperfective.  These two states stand 
in opposition.  qechvam qellaw' TKD 'ach 'angchu'be'.  ngaSbe'mo' TKD, 
qechvam Dalajbe'mo', HItIchqa'Qo'!  jIHvaD aspect DaghojmoH 'e' yInIDQo'!  
'ej qul yIbaHtaHQo'!  bIghoH 'e' DatIv 'ach vItIvbe'.


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