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Re: Question

Carl Beckom wrote:
> In an episode of STTNG,  Worf mated with Alexander's mother in the holodeck,
> (I forget her name) he yelled something in Klingon.
> In the episode I got the impression that he said something to the effect
> that he takes her for his wife but she refused.
> Does anyone know what he said exactly?
> Thanks,
> Carl

 I don't remember, but, for act the bonding ritual, the male says "my
blood" and the woman says "our blood" then they say "I am Klingon" to
complete the cerimony.

jIqawbe', 'a <jIH dok> jatlh loD <maj dok> jatlh be' 'ej vangmeH ruStay,
vaj vay  'ovlI'meH  <tlhIngan jIH> jatlh chaH.

from the Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps

Why they used <dok> and not <'Iw>, I don't know. 

from an older web, Parmount Hol definition

jIH Doq: my blood (phrase)
 "Reunion" (TNG). The first half of the Oath of Union.
maj dok: good blood (phrase)
 "Reunion" (TNG). The second half of the Oath of Union. 

    tova'Daq: mind sharing (n) [From "Soldiers of the Empire" (DS9). It
is a
    moment of clarity between two warriors on the battlefield. Much is
    without the need for words. According to the script, tova'dok is
    "TO-vah-DOCK." Canonized in Klingon for the Galactic Traveller.]

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