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Re: Questions and possibly some KLBC:

jatlh *muchwI' maw':
>I'd like to know what the people in this list think about being
>"forced" to work only with the tools that are provided by Okrand.
jIyajlaw'. munuQbe'bej "Okrand" woQ.

>Do you
>sometimes feel the need to expand the languages by yourselves ?
ghobe'. "German" Hol vIlo'taHvIS, "German" Hol vIchoHnISbe'.

>Do you feel,
>as active users of KL,  you have the right to ?
ghobe'. "Esperanto" Hol vIchoHmeH, DIb vIghajbe'.

>Do you think the KL would
>benefit from a descriptive/cooperative approach to language development ?
DaH Qap tlhIngan Hol. 'utbe' choHmey.

>On the other hand, is there anyone who thinks that MO prescriptions are the
>best way to ensure a fluid and non-ambiguous development of the KL (which
>may as well turn it into an "unnatural" language anyway) ?
HISlaH. tlhIngan Hol luchoHlaHchugh Hoch, Dej Hol.

- DujHoD

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