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Questions and possibly some KLBC:

Hi all,

My name is Alessio but you can call me muchwI' maw' (pagh, check this
I am not new to the list but this is very much my first real post.
I am doing some research on artificial languages and lately I have been
interested in the way artificial languages are developed.
I was wondering about how the Klingon Language is expanded... as far as I
gathered Mark Okrand (and his staff, if he has any) is the only person who
can officially expand/correct/make changes to the KL, right ?
Can anyone provide me with more information ?
Secondly, I'd like to know what the people in this list think about being
"forced" to work only with the tools that are provided by Okrand. Do you
sometimes feel the need to expand the languages by yourselves ? Do you feel,
as active users of KL,  you have the right to ? Do you think the KL would
benefit from a descriptive/cooperative approach to language development ?
On the other hand, is there anyone who thinks that MO prescriptions are the
best way to ensure a fluid and non-ambiguous development of the KL (which
may as well turn it into an "unnatural" language anyway) ?

I know it might take some time to answer to these questions. That's why I am
suggesting that you might be sending private answers to my e-mail address
take your time with them. That would also spare other people in the list
from reading this non-sense chatter.

Please, I need as many answers/opinions as I can get. That would be really
You might as well choose not to help me but remember that...

not maroj tlhIngan qoj malIj

See ya.

muchwI' maw'

may' QapmeH wo' Qaw'lu'chugh, vaj Qaplu'be'
'ej wo' toDmeh may' mevlu'chugh, vaj lujlu'be'


Pagh could you please correct my Klingon ?

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