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FAQ Announcement

This is a monthly message to announce the FAQ for this mailing list.  The
FAQ is located at:

There are no changes this month.  However, if you haven't read the FAQ yet,
or are looking for some specific information about this mailing list or the
Klingon language, I encourage you to check it out.

NOTE: If you are looking for unsubscribe instructions, the FAQ is currently
out-of-date.  (I am moving to Colorado, and all my stuff, including my
computer, is still located in Maryland, so it's difficult for me to make
these changes at this time.  Another month or so.)  So, if you're wondering
how to unsubscribe, here's a quick tutorial.  Send mail to:

If you're sending mail from an address other than the one you are subscribed
at, you can still manage this.  For instance, if you're subscribed at
<>, you can unsub from this address from any location by
sending mail to:

Similarly, you can subscribe to the list in the same manner, just substitute
"subscribe" for "unsubscribe" in the above messages.  To sub/unsub from the
digest version of the list, send to:

Please contact me with any questions.

--d'Armond, List Admin

tlhIngan Hol mailing list FAQ

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