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Re: This is [****]

>Any chance we could change the list subscription process to
>include a two or three hour test of intelligence, personality and
>email comprehension, before subscriptions are *allowed*?
>Something a little more comprehensive than the GRE and LSAT
>combined, perhaps.

Don't forget the following questions, too:
* Header deciphering (really now. Unsubscription info has been on every
list email since the dawn of time, practically.
* Email client knowledge: How to get client to show more headers, how to
keep emails around, how to file important emails (*subscription alert* ahem)
* 1,000 questions on etiquette, of which one must pass 950 of them...
* Knowledge of how to obtain list chat without email - aka archives
(especially since the online archive is so nice... too many 50+ email/day
lists [often important] lack suitable archival/search tools).
* Knowledge of how to send mail properly (i.e., *NOT* HTML formatted)

Looks like we should make up a test and offer it bilingually...

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