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RE: KLBC: German & Esperanto Words for "Klingon"

jatlh DujHoD:

> chay' "German" HolDaq "Esperanto" HolDaq je <<tlhIngan Hol>> 
> jatlhlu'? "German" Hol mu' 'oH "Klingonisch" 'e' jatlh vay'. 
> teH'a' ngoDHey?

First a grammar comment: <"German" HolDaq> doesn't really work for "in
German". The Klingon suffix <-Daq> is used only for spatial concepts, like
"I am in the house" or "The book fell to the floor". Instead, you could say:

"German" Hol lo'lu'taHvIS, chay' <tlhIngan Hol> jatlhlu'.

Now an answer: jISovbejbe' jIH. Perhaps a German or Esparantist could
answer. My Spanish teacher once called tlhIngan Hol "Klingones" . . .

Beginners' Grammarian

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