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New Words

mu' chu' tetlh vIDubta' 'ach SanoblaHbe'.

I have updated the New Words List with the words from HolQeD 
offered the matlh jupna'pu' and a number of other words pointed 
out to me by individuals. Unfortunately, I seem to be unable to 
FTP the KLI server to offer them to the list. As I understand 
it, even Holtej and ~mark are having difficulty with this, so I 
can't post the word list.

When this status changes, you'll get a new word list. It has 
enough changes that instead of listing them at the beginning as 
I've done in the past, I've marked all the new words with a 
tilde so those of you who maintain your own dictionaries and 
already have the words already there will be able to do a quick 
character search and find the new words.

If the situation doesn't change soon, I'll find another place to 
put the list and post the URL here.

charghwI' 'utlh

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