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Re: German to Klingon

In message <> writes:
> Thanks. By the way, I "translated" Jabberwocky into Klingon recently (I'm 
> going to fine-tune it and release it for the mailing list), and I was going 
> to translate it into German. It should come out interesting. Where can I get 
> this German-Klingon dictionary?
As Christiane told you already, I advise you to stay away from
the German-Klingon dictionary. 

The vocabulary won't help at all, as you can never be sure
the word has not been badly mistranslated.

The grammar section has lesser flaws, but it is still not a
good source for learning (as opposed to referencing) Klingon grammar.

Also, if you need help, qaQaHqang jIH je.

As for Jabberwocky, once you're done with your translation,
you may want to compare it to others' (from as early as last
century), see e.g.

                                           Marc Ruehlaender
                                           aka HomDoq

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