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Re: German to Klingon

well, i'm not wonderful at klingon[ahem], but i speak some german
also...anything in particular?
hoeffentlich, Sie kann'ich helfen.
just bs'd a translation of the Jabberwocky into german but i think i
really screwed it up...
jedenfalls, wenn Sie wollen, sag.
also, pIl'o[sp?] eiegentlich ein besseres Deutsch hat. :)
mann kann das Deutsches Klingon Woerterbuch[DKW] finden, aber alles die
es hat, sagen dass es ja nicht so gut ist.
guten nacht.

> I'm trying to teach Klingon to a mainly German-speaking person. Is
> anyone out there who could help me, or knows where to get (or has)
> that can help? I know some German, but I'm not exactly an expert.
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