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wIHevmeH ghoQaH

Like any other organization, the KLI needs money to exist and grow. While
the aphorism from TKW holds true, mataHmeH maSuchnIS (to survive we must
expand), for groups like us it's predicated upon mataHmeH Huch wIHevnIS (to
survive we must receive money).

Every year I remove my Quch and don verengan qoghDu' and ask for your
donations and support. And I plan to continue to do so, but now here's
something new and different.

Some months back I receieve emaiml from They explained that they
were an online mall and that a portion of all sales went to nonprofit
organizations. They went on to tell me that their customers chose where to
send this "contribution" and that someone had selected the KLI.

At the time, I basically ignored this. It sounded like another Internet
scam. Months went by and then suddenly I received a check. Turns out, it
wasn't a scam. appears to be legitimate and purchases made at the
stores in their mall generate anywhere from .5 to 15 percent for the
designated charity (hopefully, the KLI!).

Some of you tend to make purchases online already. Others may have been
thinking about it. I ask that you take a visit to this link
( and check it out. Currently,
if you sign up as an iGive member (at no cost to you) and make even a
single purchase they'll give $10 to the KLI, over and above any other
percentage from sales. This promotion runs through November 15, so act soon.

The stores at the IGive mall include books, CDs, software, hardware, office
supplies, clothing, furniture, and more. Many have discounts exceeding
traditional retail as well as free shipping. This appears to be the future
of retail, and it also benefits the KLI. I like it!

So, please visit. Sign up. Do your normal shopping, and in so doing support
the KLI.



:: Dr Lawrence M Schoen, Director   :: The KLI is a nonprofit ::
:: The Klingon Language Institute   :: tax exempt corporation ::
:: POB 634, Flourtown, PA 19031 USA :: DaH HuchlIj'e' ghonob  ::
::  :: ::  215/836-4955  ::

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