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Re: Qo'noS?

Tomas Oeste wrote:

: What is the name of Qo'noS' star?
: I have seen Klinzhai, Klingon, and Epsilon Sagitirius?

Canonically it's Amrita, at least that's what Federation stellar
cartographers called it back in the 23rd century.  It was mentioned just
once, casually, in the scene in "Star Trek VI" where Praxis exploded.
Excelsior's science officer Valtane tells Capt. Sulu, "I have confirmed the
location, sir, but ... I cannot confirm the existence of Praxis."  He then
says that his scanners "are focused on the Amrita solar system, on the
correct coordinates."  Less than a quarter of the moon remained, resulting
in severe environmental damage to the Klingon Homeworld in 2293.

AFAIK "Amrita" has never been heard again in Trek.  The writers probably
thought it would be too confusing.  It's not even listed in the Okudas'
_Star Trek Encyclopedia_ (at least, not in the 1st edition, which is the
only one I've seen), but it does appear in the ST6 novelization (p.22).

Just to be picky, "Klinzhai" is the name of the Klingon homeworld in
*klingonaase* in John Ford's classic novel _The Final Reflection_.  I don't
think Ford - or Okrand - has ever named the Klingon sun.

I think some people on this list have used *{juHHov} "homestar" which I
rather like, on the model of {juHqo'} "homeworld".

BTW, where did you hear of "Epsilon Sagittarius"?  That's new to me.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons 

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