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RE: how do you say/KLBC

jatlh malqa:

> You mean I actually almost got this correct ? 

> SoH then means you (are) ,etc ... 
> The word 'are' is basicaly dropped , I couldn't find a 
> literal translation for it anyway and thought the 
> sentence might be translated as :
> You ,my wife ?  ,etc 

Well, not really. The literal translation of <be'nalwI' SoH> *is* "you are
my wife". "you my wife" doesn't make any sense in English, unless you are
Tarzan. This is just the way pronouns work in Klingon. If you want to say
"You are X", it's <X SoH>. "I am X" is <X jIH>. "Y'all are X" is <X tlhIH>.
They're grammatically different structures in the two languages, but they
mean the same thing.

Beginners' Grammarian

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