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RE: KLBC: I've got a question

jatlh veyDer:

> Savan!

> How do I say that "This is the last time..."? Do I use {poH}?

What exactly do you mean? Something is obviously about to happen once and
then not happen again, but what? Why is it happening? Why will it not happen
again? Here are some examples:

wa'leS lojmItlIj vItI', 'ach vItI'qa'Qo' - I'll fix your door tomorrow, but
this is the last time.

Qav maghommeH 'ebvam - This is the last time we will meet.

pIpyuS pachvetlh vISopta'DI' not latlh vISop - That was the last time I ate
a pipius claw.

Now you try a few.

Beginners' Grammarian

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