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Re: Poetry fot a Klingon Tea Ceremony


Some time ago you sent me this poem to be posted on a new on-line Klingon
literature archive.  That web-site will soon be open to the public.  I
would be very interested in seeing any further Klingon writeings that you
have done, and would care to submit.



At 08:02 PM 3/13/99 -0800, you wrote:
>yIghoS joH'a'wI'.
>ramvam'e' Ha' 'ej Dargh wItlhutlh soH jIH je.
>ramvam'e' Ha' 'ej Heghpu'wI' tlhuH wImum.
>wa'leS jajlo'Daq bIghoSnIS.
>wa'leS jajlo'Daq 'etlhlIj bItuQnIS 'ej SarghlIj bIlIghnIS.
>'ej ghoplIj Daq chal qul 'etlh'e'.
>'ej SoH bIngDaqq SuS bi\IQ'a'vo puvbogh SarghlIj.
>'ach meQtaHvIS raQ qulmey lung'a' yIwambe' joH'a'wI'.
>meQtaHviS raQ qulmey Ha' 'ej Dargh wi\Itlhutlh SoH jIH je.
>Heghpu'wI' tlhuH wImum 'e' yIchaw'.
>Come, my King.
>Tonight, let us go and drink the tea, Thou and I.
>Tonight, let us go and taste the Breath of the Dead.
>Tomorrow at dawn, Thou must leave.
>Tomorrow at dawn, Thou must put on thy sword and mount thy steed.
>And in thy hand, thy sword is like lightning.
>And beneath thee, thy steed is the Wind from the Sea.
>But whilst the campfires still burn, do not hunt the Dragon, my King.
>Whilst the campfires still burn, let us go and drink the tea, Thou and I.
>Permit us both to taste the Breath of the Dead.

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