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RE: End of September - KLI Update

Sorry this is in English... it is late, and my tlhIngan Hol doesn't come too
quickly. I prefer Philadelphia for the qep'a' because I am a native of the
area. I would like to see the Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas though too.
I can't decide which is better.


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From: Alan Anderson []
Sent: Sunday, October 10, 1999 10:11 PM
Subject: Re: End of September - KLI Update

ja'pu' Lawrence:
>...I've even found a new site for the qep'a' next summer

ja' SuSvaj:
>It won't be in Las Vegas?!?! (Gasps in horror).

loQ qutlh Las Vegas, 'ach qep'a' cherlu' net nabchugh, Dogh Daqvetlh.
pa' law'qu' muchmey.  pa' law'qu' nuvmey.  Las Vegus vISuchchugh,
Hoch vIlegh vInegh.  Hoch vIta' vIneH.  qep'a' vIbuSnIS vIneHbe'.

Dalbe' Philadelphia, 'ach Philadelphia jot law' Las Vegas jot puS.
chuSqu' Las Vegas.  Qongbe' Las Vegas.  rut Qong Philadelphia retlh.

Philadelphia vImaS jIH.  pa' vIjaHmeH, yavDujwIj vIlo'laH.  mutlhejlaH
be'nalwI' (puqloDwI' je).

qep'a' Daq chu' wISovchoH 'e' vIloS.  Swimming pool ghaj'a'?

-- ghunchu'wI' 'utlh

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